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Connection, communication, creation.

I've worked with people through nearly every aspect of the creative process. From brainstorming and conceptualizing to writing and content creation to web design and advertising, I assist in transforming raw inspiration into polished expression. I truly believe that the most revolutionary act anybody can make is to embody their own creative impulse. I want to help that happen.

Stemming from a life-long passion for language, imagination, and the natural world, I channel my creativity into varied forms of writing, photography, and interpersonal coaching. I am experienced in:

  • Article and essay writing

  • Copywriting 

  • Blogging 

  • Writing and creative coaching 

  • Editing 

  • Web and conceptual design 

  • Outdoor, family, and portrait photography 

  • Creative consulting

  • Photoshop 

  • Group facilitation 

  • Community-building 

  • Teaching

  • Ghostwriting

While I presently prefer monetary exchange, I am also open to trades. Art, services, and other creative possibilities are welcome.

If you want to collaborate but finances are a problem, please reach out and we can find an arrangement that works for both of us.


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