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A Message From the Great Mother

A Message From the Great Mother

Approach again


treading that noisy life

into the mud with willing feet.

Approach again without the maps

the books

the knowings that create

your flimsy paradise.

Come again to my well

the ocean ever-present.

Smell my seafoam mists

rising from your own chest

and climb on the strands

of my silver hair

back into the communion

you know you


Rage when you must

tempest flurry flying trident

lightning strike the closest ground,

your ground;

I want your ground.

Let me bellow in your ear

your chest

through you into form

into feeling and dreams

into water and whiskey

into a steady drumbeat

you don’t know how to stop.

Play your tongue against teeth

down the shoulders of your love;

taste my notes of belonging

in every bite.

Fear not the poisons,

I will swallow them all.

Most of all do not give up

do not turn away from the magic

that I offer,

lost in the way it was

or might be.

Simple, now.

Trusting, now.

A new path stretches out

the one I knew you’d find.

One step,

then another.






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