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Let Us Say What is Happening

Let us say what is happening.

What is happening is we, rather than our carbon, are sequestered.

What is happening is the great progress project bleeding out; in under two weeks, civilization-gone-Achilles,

and politicians playing the heel.

What is happening is denial, publicly. Cat videos are trading at a premium.

What is happening is a bait-and-switch.

While our attention festers on death counts and stock prices,

the game is rigged again, liberties are eroded, corporate pollution is legalized, and fear is leveraged by people that claim to represent us.

What is happening is a revolution frozen in perpetual hibernation, the alarm screaming as the batteries run low and the snooze button nearly shot.

What is happening is death. This game is done, and the space between worlds won't last long. "Leaders" are already licking their chops, using the currency they peddle for our passivity as napkins.

What is happening is a faint and persistent prayer from our ancestors, a prayer for days like these where a sliver of light can break through the vast darkness of our motion.

Most of all, what is happening is not yet written, not decided, and only in the ignore-ance of what is actually occurring will we miss our chance.

What if what is happening is the big break you've been waiting for? What if it's not a 401k you've been after, but a world where our lives are so meaningful we never want to retire from them?

What if you came not to manifest someone else's dreams of future profit, but to weave your own dancing creative life?

What if a future exists where your gifts were currency enough?

It could happen, you know.

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