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What if?

What will it be like to be shaken, Jobs taken, Economy breakin, Quarantined, locked down, With only the questions that matter?

Wondering whether we'll catch it, Whether our loved ones will catch it, Whether our dreams still mean anything, Or if this is the beginning of the end of this strange project called civilization - what if we go through this, and we don't change?

Will we now finally see in the tumbling red ticker tape of the Dow, The mind virus that got us here and the machine that eats the world? Will facing the bottomless vacuum of pretend value wake us up?

Will we, in this time - With time we've never had open to our real feelings?

What happens if we won't?

What would shift, in ourselves, in our world, if we got ruthlessly real With our own mortality? What happens if we don't?

How would it feel, after all this,

With our certainty revoked by a microscopic grace

Our futures pried open

The possibility of a new normal maybe even something beautiful

Of one last shot at meaning, healing, or wholeness Or art or love (or...)

To give our stillness

To Netflix and toilet paper?

Friends, what happens if we don't let this change us?

And then again, what happens if we do?

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