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Ongoing and one-off writing classes and containers for 2023

I offer ongoing learning opportunities - from one-on-one mentorship to writing courses and classes to monthly and biweekly writing groups.

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Upcoming Events

  • Oh, It's You Again
    Oh, It's You Again
    Date and time is TBD
    Date and time is TBD
    Date and time is TBD
    Three session dream/nightmare integration package

Wild Where We Are
August 11 - 13, @ Imago Nature Center, Cincinatti, OH
Facilitated by Amy Tuttle and
Kristopher Drummond

The Wilderness is typically considered non-urban land: untrammeled, unconfined, hospitable to solitude, often far-away. Wilderness or wildlands share pristine qualities, relatively unmodified by human activity. 


Time spent in “the wild” can stimulate our innate wildness; the animal-nature of our humanity.  Immersed, our instinctual ways of sensing and perceiving heighten and often, we experience awe. There’s nothing like reverence and wonder to support and repair connective tissue between the human and other-than-human worlds.  


In the wilderness, we find ourselves practicing deep listening, animating our bodies to move creatively and efficiently though new terrain, our sight opens to microcosmic realities that weave themselves into intricate systems, and all of this perception can lead us to wonder about our place in the natural order of things? What’s my contribution of beauty and purpose?











Here in these wild times of hyper-globalization, ecological and cultural collapse, as we reach the end of this myth of human supremacy, we are invited back to the recognition of our own human wildness.  What if there never was a separation between "earth" and "us?" How would it be to approach our own human environments with awe, to marvel at the insistence of the other-than-human world to live and grow and die amidst our ignore-ance? What if there is nowhere the wild isn't?


In this retreat, we’re curious if the cultivation of skills and practices for wild sensing can deepen our relationships to the places we live and work, especially urban landscapes? Together, we’ll amplify our wonderment by sharing in wild practices that bring us into a deeper relationship with listening, reverence, artistry, service, and communion. 


Join us in the beautiful and baffling landscape of Cincinnati, Ohio for practices of council, writing/poetics, urban hiking/wandering, visual art-making and somatic sensing. We’ll explore our inherently wild human-nature and spark gorgeous conversations with each other and the cityscape around us. We’ll also, naturally, hold inquiries around beauty-making and purpose- the same as we would if we were traveling far far away into vast vistas of mountain, wetland, jungle, prairie, forest, undersea. 


Spirit of the Gift

This program will be offered in the Spirit of the Gift; connecting us to the potency of reciprocity, and the belief in accessibility for heart-works at this time. We invite you to give in a way that feels inspired to allow us to continue offering and fully focusing on our work in the world. Suggested range: $100-400.

To secure your spot, please Venmo a $100 commitment depost to @Amy-Tuttle-6

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