"The power of language remains, first and foremost, a way of singing oneself into contact with others and the cosmos - a way of bridging the silence between oneself and another person, or a startled black bear, or the crescent moon soaring like a billowed sail above the roof."
-David Abram

I am a 29 year old man working as a writer, photographer, and creative coach in my hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Stories inspire me in the literal sense of the word. To in-spire is to “breathe life into”, and it’s the depths of myth, the magic of creation, and the possibility of renewal that form the hidden currents of my life. My work ranges from technical writing to web copy to poetry and through every project, I follow the threads of meaning that seem to be weaving a new narrative tapestry of what it means to be alive, now.


I believe we live in critical times. Our foundational stories are dying or already dead. We exist in the hollowed husk of postmodern objectivity, economic utility, and disillusioned utopia. Flashy dreams of technological transcendence drove us to meaningless deserts and we-as-Prometheus wake each day to find the raptor-talon of reality again ripping at our illusions. The tension between inspiration and destruction; hope and despair; beginnings entwined with endings, drives my work. It’s a damn good time to be alive, even when it’s not.


In these strange days we must live in two worlds - the reality of inevitable transformation and the unreality of capitalist momentum. Making a living while plotting the revolution must coexist. Words bubble up and I try to stay loyal. Opportunities to grow get squeezed between business meetings. Tearful moments of vulnerability are bookended by paychecks and and bank deposits. It’s a poetic moment in eternity. But, that’s probably always the case. If you want to work together, please reach out.

BOZEMAN, MONTANA |admin@kristopherdrummond.com | Tel: 406-580-5532

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