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Start Here is my first collection of poetry, spanning seven years and many endings and beginnings. It's an intimate written record of my own growing up, following the movement through longing, loss, grief, and moments of waking up to the holy wild earth.


I'm still surprised that I write poems, and grateful that they keep coming. As my feet continue finding the ground and my idealism gives way to the humbling mystery of being here in the first place, I trust these words will find other people who feel similar things. As we dance through the many endings of this epoch, may we find the connection that helps us keep our hearts open to it all.


The price of the book is $20.00 with a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00. Thank you so much for supporting my art.


Pre-orders are available now, and printing should be done in time for the holidays.

Start Here: Poems by Kristopher Drummond

Expected shipping is the first week of December
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