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Oh, It's You Again

Embodied recurring dream/nightmare integration package

"Dreams are messengers. They are couriers delivering important “letters” from the dreaming psyche. The communications offer insight, speak of warnings, and tell of your fate. As storytellers, their language is metaphoric, symbolic, often poetic. In your tending to dreams, remember to respond to both the message and the messenger. How will you listen and then enact what you have gleaned from the dream, the story? And too, what gift can you send back with the storyteller to the psyche?"

Stephen Aizenstat

Nightmares and Recurring Dreams are Opportunities...

We all experience recurring dreams; the beings, landscapes, and feelings that live in us like echoes from a distant canyon. Often, they disappear upon waking, the conscious mind returning to this world with the vague sense of familiarity, the discomfort or the dread or the boredom registering briefly before slipping away. It's easy to disregard these dreams, the ones we know so well, that have been with us for most of our life. So many times I've said or heard from others some version of "oh, it's you again."


You, the faceless stranger who won't stop staring. The abandoned warehouse I keep wandering, looking for an exit. My grandfather's unsmiling face.

As outlined in Robert Bosnak's wonderful book Embodiment, these dreams live in our bodies as energetic patterns. They are expressions of self, of creative, healing, authentic possibilities locked up in cycles of stuckness. They keep coming because they are part of us, and they will keep showing up until we make space to feel them fully. Through the process of "turning toward," we open to the gifts living in the images and make possible a more vibrant life.

My process for working with nightmares and recurring dreams is trauma-informed, locating the "resource" that exists in every dream. By regulating the nervous system and calling upon inner-support, discovering the medicine of the dream becomes possible. Through ongoing support and integration practices between sessions, you can unlock the next step in your own soul story.

The Details...

  • Practices for incubating, remembering, and recording your dreams.

  • Three 60 minute somatic dreamwork sessions. This is the center of the work, where we'll slow down and create a container to meet the dream on its terms, discover allies, and see what wants to happen next.

  • Integration practices between sessions. These are how the insights become real, and how we weave the dream into the next chapter of our lives. This might involve guided imagery practices, meditations, poetry and art making, enacting life changes, conducting rituals/ceremonies, and much more.

  • Ongoing email/voice memo support through the process and an online peer group to share your experiences with.

Oh, It's You Again
Oh, It's You Again
Date and time is TBD
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